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On FBi

Tomorrow night (Monday the 10th), I'm going in to FBi 94.5FM to play some tracks on The Bridge and talk about the 20th and the Desks and stuff.

Listen in 8-9pm!


The 60th 20th

On the 20th of May, we'll be up to month number 60 in our make-songs-on-the-20th-of-each-month endeavours!

You're invited to write and record your own song(s) this 20th of May. You don't need to warn us you're going to try. Just wake up on the 20th of May and write a song and record it and mix it (if it needs mixing) and when you're done, send it to us here:

Include your postal address too, because we'll compile CDs of all the songs and distribute them to everyone who contributed.

Put it in your calendar! Put a note by your alarm clock! Thursday 20th of May!

All styles welcome!

Who are we?

A record label kind of thing in Sydney, Australia.

Theme Song

Download the Cabinet Pin theme song reprise (670KB)

Contact Details

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