Archive of June 2006

Desks Calendars soon

Hey! There's a new CD-R mini-album from The Desks. It's called Calendars and it should be ready in the next couple of days.

It will be available in two formats: Pocket CD-R and regular size CD-R. I'm just working out the packaging/inserts now.

A few updates to this here website

There are quite a few little changes across the site, the most significant being the new "downloads" section which lists a whole bunch of MP3s you can download! MP3s are the future.


Batty Wing Wing and The Desks now have pages on Myspace. It looks like "friends" are to be the latest hot thing on the Internet, so check out Batty Wing Wing and/or The Desks!

Who are we?

A record label kind of thing in Sydney, Australia.

Theme Song

Download the Cabinet Pin theme song reprise (670KB)

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