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Ok, so here's a quick but overdue update on things that have been happening &/or should have been happening with everyone at Cabinet Pin.

This here site has been growing bit by bit. Now there's a "bands" link along the top there, and there are pages for Batty Wing Wing, The Bottle Thieves and The Desks. I'd like to put up some more pages soon. Hopefully we can pull the information together.

Also, see there on the right there's a link that lets you sign up for the Cabinet Pin Mailing List! So if you like us and you like information, please click & sign up! I'm sure that mailing list emails will be ridiculously infrequent.

And.... NEWS:

#1, Batty Wing Wing have a gig coming up at Hotel Hollywood, Surry Hills on April 18th, 8pm. They're playing with Beat ME and The Inflatable Voodoo Dolls. I have it on good authority that they're rehearsing for it, so it should be a good show.

#2, James Sherley has recorded two albums in the last six months or so, but I keep asking him whether he wants to put them out under his own name or want to come up with a project name and he says he's going to come up with a project name, like a band name. That will be good. He'll probably have something else recorded by then, and you'll never get to hear these two albums.

#3, The Desks (that's me) have great plans. I'm finishing work in a couple of weeks so I'll have a lot of time to just record crazily and hopefully there'll be something good in there. But actual news? No not really. Nothing. Thanks Sean for writing kind words about We Will Arise on Said the Gramophone and for prompting this news update.

#4, Clothes are planning a whole weekend in Bowral, and we're going to record and write songs and that'll be fun. There'll be some kind of musical output. And maybe t-shirts. (btw Clothes is a new band formed from the ashes of Drama Chef).

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