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The Desks offload some Halloween outtakes

There's a new MP3 on the catalogue page for The Desks' Same Old Halloween. This song I'm in Love With A Night Demon is the set-up for a horrific tale. It wasn't really good enough to go on the CD, but the story must be told.

Incidentally, the CD is good, and there are still some copies available.

update 11/2/06 - There are no more copies of the Desks Halloween CD!

Hooray for going somewhere

See the link for "Catalogue" up there? That's new. The whole navigation bar is new. You can do some clicking, and actually go to other pages. And there's a lot more to come.

If you click there, you'll see a list of Cabinet Pin releases. Most of them are unavailable at the moment. They're unreleases - those extremely limited 20th-of-the-month compilations - and they're only really up there for our own amusement (and to advertise the project to anyone who might want to contribute. e.g. you).

You can also download MP3s from some of the record pages. That has to count for something!

Halloween... not again!

It's a new Halloween CD from The Desks, called Same Old Halloween. There's a tracklisting here.

It was exciting, but it's already been out for over a week, so I'm getting a bit tired of it. You should be too... soon.

There aren't many left, so email me if you'd like a copy!

update 11/2/06 - There are no more copies of the Desks Halloween CD!

There's a website here

Wow. Look at that! It's a website! And there's a news article that appears to pre-date the page itself.

Yes. It is amazing.

Check back soon, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Hopefully there'll be something more record labelly. eg. records.

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