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Coming Soon

and by "soon", we mean "one day". it'll happen one day. there'll be a real website at this very spot, representing a very real record label, which you may/may not care about. if we were already to qualify as a record label, we'd say that we were based out of sydney, australia, and this would probably be true.

but for now (OCT 05), this is what's happening....

1. extremely limited compilation cds, available only to those who contribute to them. there were 6 of us on the last cd, and the idea behind the project is that we each write, record & mix one song on the 20th of each month, using whatever we have available. then, each month, we compile these onto CDRs and package them fancily. it's a great project and we're trying to get some more contributors... but you could also do something similar with people you care about more than us. eg your friends, colleagues or grandparents.

i wouldn't think of these as "official label releases".

2. there will be "proper" releases, but who knows what they'll be. hopefully there'll be a couple ready within the next week. yeah, why not? it's good to set deadlines.

Who are we?

A record label kind of thing in Sydney, Australia.

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