TWE051: 20th August 2009

Released: Sep 2009. No longer available
Songs from the 20th of August 2009.

The CD will have the first 20th contribution from Baron Von Winchester III (Matt from Sydney-based "supergroup" Something About A Leaf)! The Lost Eyes divided up the writing duties for their track to work on the song in parallel! Efficient! +ko+ko+ bought GarageBand JamPack Rhythm Session for his track! The Desks (i.e. me) had to incorporate some unpacking into the 20th after moving to our new place. I've also got a new keyboard that doesn't work properly.

And there are songs from RainBoat, Vlayman, Merankorii, WRC, Telafonica and Bag (ex of Bagley)! And the amazing cover art from Soumali Chitdamrong!