TWE001: 20th June 2005

Released: Jun 2005. No longer available
The idea behind the project was conceived on 19th June, the tracks were written, recorded and mixed on the the 20th and the CDs were pressed at the release party on the 23rd.

That was basically the idea: to set a deadline and impose constraints, forcing ourselves to create something without worrying about the outcome. The rules were decided upon:

  1. Don't start before midnight on the morning of 20th June. No coming in with half-finished songs or cherished ideas. No worrying about it before the day.
  2. The song should be finished by the time you wake up the next day. It should all have been written, recorded, arranged, mixed, mastered, etc, on 20th June. Maybe it won't seem possible, with work commitments and whatever else, but putting a song together could take as little as three minutes.
  3. When everyone's recorded their track, they'll all be compiled to a CD. A copy of that CD will go to everyone who contributed, so they can see how the others responded to the task (and hear some totally rad music).

This has become a regular project, with songs recorded on the 20th of each month, and compiled to CD shortly after.

The only way to get a CD in this series is to contribute to it. Check out 20th project for more information on the project. Email Jeff if you're interested in recording something for the next one.