CPR009: The Same Mistakes, by The Desks

Released: Sep 2007.
Cover art/craft by Jeff Edwards
For the 20th project, you're supposed to come up with new songs! To write & record a song on one day of the month. To set a deadline & create from nothing!

In contrast, "The Same Mistakes" is a rehash of old material. These are songs I* made for The 20th project, in past months. Most of these songs have already appeared on a "20th" CD, but anyway, this is a different product.

This CD-R is for trade, not for sale. I've made CDs in the past and just given them away for free. But then people from bands I admire go "hey do you want to trade CDs!" and I'm like "sure" even though I've given the same CD to other people for nothing. That's crazy & unfair.

If you'd like a copy - whether you've recorded a real album or just sung a song into your computer's built-in microphone and burnt it to disc - please send me an email at jeff@cabinetpin.com and we'll arrange to swap CDs.

(I'm also happy to swap for other stuff you've made, eg zines)

* Hi, I'm Jeff from The Desks


  • 1. Followed
  • 2. Come Back Soon
  • 3. Ants
  • 4. When We're Through
  • 5. We Will Arise, You Know, We Will
  • 6. Wrong Muesli
  • 7. Will Help
  • 8. Move The Light
  • 9. It's Alright
  • 10. Little Arm Aesthetics
  • 11. Gone Away
  • 12. It Won't Take Long
  • 13. Anything
  • 14. Goodbye Little Golfswing
  • 15. In Lakes
  • 16. He Jumped Down
  • 17. The Outdoor Way
  • 18. @
  • 19. Again
  • 20. Wonderful
  • 21. Fingers
  • 22. Sway
  • 23. Home Is Where The Home Studio Is
  • 24. Dots and Commas
  • 25. Elephant or Lion
  • 26. The World
  • 27. The Sailor
  • 28. Under My Hat

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