CPR005: Calendars, by The Desks

Released: Jul 2006.
Cover art/craft by Jeff Edwards
With a choice of regular-sized CD or 8cm "pocket" CD, this new mini-album from The Desks represents incredible value!

In addition to value, it contains nine songs about longing, staying, love, etc. Even when the lyrics seem nonsensical, you can be sure you're still getting value, because the music, yes music!, is all really fun and occasionally sad and there's fuzzy acoustic guitars, electric guitar, melodicas, toy accordion, organ, ukulele, shakers, cabasa, knee slapping, xylophone, this weird dolphin-shaped instrument, glockenspiel, backing vocals, resonator bells, chime bar, various household objects (telephone, milk bottle, bag, canvas, plastic container), keyboards, saz, karimba, tambourine and a little drum.

It's cheaper to get this CD than to go out and buy all those instruments yourself (although most of them are cheap toys or, in my case, broken gifts or souvenirs, and they're not particularly hard to play. Backing vocals and knee slapping you could do for free).

The CD is "sold out", but you can still download the songs from this page.


  • 1. It Won't Take Long
  • 2. We Were The Fun
  • 3. Stop!
  • 4. Gone Away
  • 5. Theme Choir
  • 6. When We're Through
  • 7. Other Scientists
  • 8. At the End of the Rain
  • 9. If You Will, I'll Stay


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