CPR003: Same Old Halloween, by The Desks

Released: Oct 2005. No longer available
Cover art/craft by Jeff Edwards
Put together just before Halloween 2005, this seven song EP marks the first attempt by The Desks to communicate with the spirit world through song.

If disembodied voices normally make you shudder, you will be well and truly terrified when you hear these songs emanating from your speakers or headphones!! It's as though the music is coming from the ether! From out of nowhere!


  • 1. The Walls
  • 2. The Night Demon is Ashamed
  • 3. We Will Arise, You Know, We Will
  • 4. Welcome Song for the Undead
  • 5. Windy Nights
  • 6. Evil Ones
  • 7. Same Old Halloween


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