CPR000: Please Help Me Now, by The Desks

Released: Mar 2005.
Cover art/craft by Jeff Edwards
"Please Help Me Now" is a four-part tale in which our "hero" escapes from a particular predicament.

In "Know You Too", he asks for help. In "Bowl Eyes", he is worried that his clawing and desperation will affect those who try to help him. In "Sun", there is a light and a center. It looks like everything is going to be OK! "Be So Sad" is about our "hero" having to adjust, now that the weights have been lifted from him.

Also, "Please Help Me Now" is music. It is random and thin, comprised of Songs for your ears. Buzzy songs which really could not be fixed.

These songs were first made available via The Desks' webpage in March 2005, and are available again here now.


  • 1. Know You Too
  • 2. Bowl Eyes
  • 3. Sun
  • 4. Be So Sad

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